Frequently Asked Questions

How can I buy a controller?

There are two ways to purchase a controller. 1) Made to order commissions -or- 2) premade controllers. Premade controller stock can be seen on the main shop page. Made to order commissions are designs created with the design tool on the shop. If you like a premade controller design but it is not in stock anymore and commission spots are open, you can make a commission of that special design.

When are controllers made available?

Commission spots will open up every 2-4 weeks. Independent of this interval, premade controllers may be added to the shop. You can purchase premade controllers at any point if they are in stock. To hear about commission spots opening up or premade controllers being added, subscribe to the mailing list here.

How long will it take for my order to ship?

For commissioned controllers, the process of finishing an entire batch takes 2-4 weeks. You can check your orders status on the tracking page. If you have purchased a premade controller, please allow 1-1.5 weeks for me to refurbish controller internals and properly test the controller before it ships.

Are your controllers original?

Yes, I only use first party Nintendo controllers. Shells, internal motherboards and buttons / triggers are all original parts. I do offer some part substitutions for buttons and sticks which are 3rd party customized options (xbox sticks, 3d printed stick caps, ABXY buttons). That being said, all default controller selections are first party.

Do you offer controllers other than the gamecube controller?

Right now I've been experimenting with switch pro controllers too. Check the premade controllers section in the shop for those for the time being.

Can you make x design?

Right now I am only offering commissioned controllers that can be designed with the customizer tool on the shop page. That being said, I'm working on a system where you can submit a design for a quote / approval and commission it in the future. If you have a question about slight alteration from what the customizer tool can offer, please email ahead of time so we can discuss said changes.

Can I send you my controller to customize?

No, I don't take send-ins. Instead, consider the "Shell" base option on a controller order. This includes a custom shell and a tri-wing screwdriver so you can swap your own controllers shell with a customized one. Switching gamecube controller shells is a very simple process.

How do I swap my controller shell?

Watch this video to learn how to swap your controller shell.

I have an image in mind, can you paint it on my order?

Thank you for considering this before ordering. I'm more than happy to go over potential images before you decide to buy a controller. Please send an email with your image and we can discuss it. Generally, I recommend that your image is relatively simple and contains 1-2 colors to be paints. I will create a small 1" x 1" stencil to paint your image on the center of the controller. If there are too many details / intricate areas, the stencil will be impossible to make. If there are any issues with an image on your order, I will email you to discuss ways of altering it.

Where do you ship?

I ship USPS first class within the US as well as internationally. Countries I ship to include: Australia, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Peru, Philippines, Portugal, Puerto Rico, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States

How much is shipping?

The base cost for US orders is $10 USD and for international orders, $25 USD. There is an added $5 shipping charge for each adiditonal controller in your order (ex. $15 for 2 controllers to the US, $35 for 3 controllers to non-US)

Can you color buttons?

I offer painted start buttons and dpads on every commission. I cannot paint ABXY/LRZ because paint on those buttons will chip immediately after use. Generally the start button and dpad don't wear down as quickly. Depending on my inventory levels, I may have custom molded buttons available. If they are available, you will see them in the controller commission options.

What about custom sticks?

I offer different colored xbox one sticks as analog stick replacements. It should be noted that they feel different than original gamecube sticks. I also sometimes offer custom 3d printed rubber caps for the left joystick in many colors. If the caps are available, you will see them in the controller commission options.

Do you offer any other mods? (Notches / LEDs / Paracord etc.)

No, just the aesthetic changes you can see on my shop page.

Will you sponsor me / my team?

Right now I'm not looking for any partnerships but feel free to ask on the contact page.

Can I request a return or cancellation?

Due to the nature of custom made products, returns and refunds will be handled on a case by case basis. Refer to the full Return Policy for more information. Please send an email ( to request a return or cancellation.

What are your terms and conditions?

Return policy, Private policy, Terms of service